Websites, like this one, you can update and add stuff to yourself.

Not everyone needs a large and complicated website that has to be maintained by a professional.

Some of us just need a quick and easy brochure site where new clients can find you online to learn about your products and services. We'll design a great site for you that gets you found with the major search engines,* showcases your business and what it offers, and encourages people to get in touch. Optionally, we can include a content management system, which means you can add projects (text and images) and/or blog entries yourself by filling in a simple on-screen form. Our sites are easily editable by you without having to pay us to make small edits - so you can keep contact and phone details updated, for example.

After the initial cost of designing and setting up your site, we charge a small amount for hosting each month. We can help you nab a great domain name and configure proper email as well, so don't worry if you're new to setting up a site - we will help.

You can be up and running with a great-looking site (like the one you're looking at now) for less than £800 initially, then a little over £400 per year after that…

  • design and set-up: £360 (one-off charge)
  • hosting & CMS: £32 per month
  • domain name and email: £32 per year

*appearance in some search results may take a couple of weeks or months

website design in bracknell - hosting and domain names
Great-looking websites that make you look the part by Kinetik