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You may like to print this page so you can read it while you make your products.


We have uploaded your logo to our Logo Shop...

Choose your product first, you can use the menus to narrow down the kinds of product. There is a huge range of items, from work-wear, to mugs and mouse mats, hoodies, tee shirts and aprons. Make sure you hunt around carefully for the product that best suits your needs.

Remember the Kinetik Logo Shop is a quick and dirty solution. If you require something bespoke or need larger quantities, please get in touch.

Once you have chosen a product, choose a logo. Make sure you use one of your own logos. Search carefully; hover your mouse pointer over the logos to  see them better, try looking on the next page in the design chooser. Some logos are unsuitable for some products and will show up feint in the chooser; see below.

Positioning your logo

There are often several options for positioning the logo on the item. Look at the small thumbnails at the lower right for back, front, left side, right side etc. The more times you add your logo, the  more expensive the printing becomes.

Adding text?

Try not to use the "add text" feature of the designer! The available fonts are rubbish and will make your logo and branding look rubbish. You can get away with Arial or some of the more "normal" fonts for small amounts of text if you absolutely must, but it's best to ask us for what you want and we'll add a custom graphic to the shop for you.

There are some design and positioning hints and tips below.


Your logo

There are two versions of your logo: a PIXEL version and a PLOT version.

Depending on the item you intend to print, you must use the correct version.

The software will only allow you to use the correct version. For example, if you're printing a high vis jacket you can only use the PLOT version, and the PIXEL version will not show up in the design chooser.

You can use either kind on some products: If the PIXEL version is available to choose, you will get more accurate colour.

PLOT versions are printed in special inks; the designer software chooses the ink colours closest to your real colours, but you can change them if you want to. For example you may wish to print an all-black or all-white version of your logo.


Changing the colours in your logo
(for example, make a white version)

If you're placing your logo on a colour that makes it difficult to see properly, and if you're using the PLOT version of your logo you can change the colours.

It's not a good idea to change the colours away from your corporate colours (don't make a blue logo if your usual logo is orange, for example).

It's perfectly acceptable to make a white, grey or black version, however.

With your logo selected, choose the colour you want to change in the colour picker to the right...


Then click the white colour in the Plot Printing tab...



If black or mid grey looks better choose these colours instead. If you can creatively use a combination of black and white, do so - it's perfectly acceptable to have a black and white version of your logo under some circumstances.



If you find you can't make your logo smaller (it shows a red highlight and a message about being too small) try switching to the PIXEL version of your logo or click the "Digital Printing" tab above the colour chooser on the right.

If you still find you can't use your required logo on the product of your choice, get in touch - we can upload the correct logo for you

Hints & Tips

It's very easy to design something horrendous! But then I would say that, wouldn't I? Here are some hints and tips that will help you avoid weakening your brand.

Remember the kinetik Logo Shop is a quick and dirty solution: If you want bespoke merchandise or larger quantities, please get in touch.

  • Don't place your logo on anything that makes any part of it difficult to see. For example, a black logo on navy blue or dark red
  • Don't place your logo in the vertical middle; always place it a little way above the centre - trust me; doing this will make it look like it's in the middle
    • On shirts put the vertical middle of your logo between the armpits
    • On hoodies, make sure you can see the logo on the back when the hood is down.
    • Most people hold a mug in their right hand - add your logo when you can see the handle on the left.
  • If you want something specific, please ask us. (We may charge to make artwork, but once it's in the shop you can use it as often as you like).
  • If it doesn't look right it won't be right. Don't click "buy" on anything you're not 100% happy with - we can't be held responsible.